REQUIMTE is a science-driven institution focused on the development of Sustainable Chemistry.It is the largest network in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering established in Portugal and is recognized as the Laboratório Associado para a Química Verde by the Portuguese Ministério da Ciência e Educação since November 2001. Composed by several research centres from Universidade Nova de Lisboa and Universidade do Porto, REQUIMTE plays a pivotal role in the Portuguese academic/ scientific system in all areas related with Sustainable Chemistry.

REQUIMTE´s mission is to cooperate in a continuous, competent and efficient way to achieve a Sustainable development by promoting new technologies that aim to reduce or even eliminate undesirable substances in the design, production and uses of Chemicals. 

In this scenario, the objectives of the Associate Laboratory are:

  • To improve research in Sustainable Chemistry;
  • To train young researchers in interdisciplinary areas regarding Sustainable Chemistry;
  • To plan and advise the use of clean products and processes;
  • To support industry in the design and implementation of clean chemical processes;
  • To promote and divulge the principles of Sustainable Chemistry;


To achieve such goals, the strategic scientific plan of REQUIMTE is focused in five thematic lines:

  • Novel compounds from renewable sources;
  • Food quality and safety;
  • Analytical control and process automation;
  • Clean (Bio)Chemical processes;
  • Functional molecules and materials for sustainability.