Salete Balula develops a new method to produce low sulfur content fuel


Salete Balula, FCT investigator at LAQV-REQUIMTE in Faculdade de Ciências-Universidade do Porto, has developed a more clean and efficient method to diesel desulfurization. “Our aim is to substitute the current refinery method to desulfurize fuels, which is expensive and not environment-friendly, with a chemical-based green process”, explains Salete Balula. Her research group focuses essentially on the development of heteregenous catalysts (Metal-organic frameworks, silicas, etc) in which the removal of sulphur-containing compounds from organic sources is one of the current major topics.

Salete Balula’s research was done in collaboration with several researchers from LAQV, as well as researchers from CICECO (University of Aveiro), the Associated Laboratory of Catalysis and Materials (Faculdade de Engenharia-Universidade do Porto), researchers from Spain (Instituto de Catálisis y Petroleoquímica-Madrid), and Galp Energia. The research project, entitled “Advanced sustainable oxidative desulfurization of fuels through economically viable processes”, has been funded by FCT MCTES, and is currently funded by LAQV-REQUIMTE.

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