ABC2 - Anything But Conventional Chromatography

Hotel Príncipe in Lisbon, Portugal
Wednesday, November 22, 2017 (All day) to Friday, November 24, 2017 (All day)
The workshop “ABC2 - Anything But Conventional Chromatography” is organized on behalf of the Downstream Processing group of European Society of Biochemical Engineering Sciences (ESBES)

ABC2 will focus on less conventional methods for the purification of biological products, namely:

  • Aqueous two-phase systems
  • Magnetic fishing
  • Precipitation
  • Unconventional chromatography methods (e.g. expanded bed, monoliths, radial chromatography)
  • Membrane separation systems

The workshop is aimed for PhD students, post-doctoral researchers, principal investigators and any professionals from academia and industry wishing to learn and update their knowledge in the field of bioseparation applying packed-chromatography alternative methods. 

For more information please visit the ABC2 website

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