Animal Facilites

The Faculty of Sciences and Technology – University New of Lisbon have fish facilities, licenced by national authorities (Direcção geral de Veterinária – DGV), to conduct animal experimentation. The facilities have been managed by Mário Diniz (main responsible to DGV) from the Dept. of Chemistry and Pedro Costa from Dept. of Environmental Sciences. The fish commonly housed belong to the family Cyprinidae (Carassius sp. and Danio rerio) the largest family of fresh water fish. With respect to zebrafish (Danio rerio), they are becoming a standardized biological model for studying developmental genetics and biomedical research. The facilities can also accommodate other aquatic species, being prepared to house marine species with seawater supply.
Laboratory facilities includes instrumentation for immuno, enzymatic or other type compatible assays, such as microplate readers, western blotting - the SNAP i.d.® 2.0 system (Merck) which produces blots of a very high quality in just 30 min and allows you to optimize your immunodetection conditions for the highest quality results.