Carlos Lodeiro-Espiño (Assistant Professor) (Group Leader)
José Luis Capelo-Martínez (Assistant Professor)
Mario Emanuel de Sousa Diniz (Assistant Researcher)
Hugo Miguel Baptista Carreira dos Santos (Postdoctoral Researcher)
Elisabete de Jesus Oliveira Marques (Postdoctoral Researcher)
Javier Fernandez Lodeiro (Postdoctoral Researcher)
Gilberto Paulo Peixoto Igrejas (Associate Professor)
Patricia Alexandra Curado Quintas Dinis Poeta (Full Professor)


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The Chem-4-Omics group is a multidisciplinary international research group, integrated by chemists, biologist and biotechnology researchers. The group encompasses three main research lines in an integrative and cooperative approach, in cooperation with international universities, hospital settings and industry. 
The group integrating three research lines:  i) starting with the chemical synthesis of new emissive organic and inorganic chemosensors (NECs), nano-synthesis of functionalized materials and new MALDI matrices for biological, environmental and medical applications, ii) application of the NECs to the medical and proteomics area has been developed to help in the diagnosis of diseases by finding new biomarkers of diagnosis and prognosis, or by classifying patients by the type of disease they suffer. Further to aforementioned works, the implementation of ultrasonic energy as a tool in the approaches using NECs has been also extensively addressed, and iii) application of the NECs to environmental studies has been done in zebra and gold fish, with the main aim to verify if current compounds being developed worldwide are dangerous for the living organisms or not. In addition to such studies, a number of studies addressing the influence of the climate change in living organism have been also developed.

There is extensive experience in Synthesis of Organic and Inorganic dyes, synthesis of nanoparticles and functionalized quantum dots, absorption and emission spectroscopy studies, MALDI-Mass Spectrometry, Ultrasonic devices, Electrophoresis 1D and 2D, Elisa and Western Blot studies, among other biophysical techniques. The group has access to all necessary infrastructures for, Synthesis, Omics and Nanomics, Nanotoxicological issues, either in-house or within the scope of National or International Networks Collaborations.



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