Functional Molecules & Nanomaterials


Pedro Miguel Ribeiro Viana Baptista (Associate Professor)
Alberta Paula Lobo Machado Gameiro dos Santos (Assistant Professor)
Ana Margarida Gomes da Silva (Assistant Researcher)
Craig John Medforth (Assistant Researcher)
Daniel Silva (Post-doc)
Eulália Fernanda Alves de Carvalho Pereira (Assistant Professor)
Galya Ivanova Ivanova (Assistant Researcher)
Maria Ascenção Carvalho Fernandes Miranda Reis (Full Professor)
Adrian Michael Oehmen (FCT Investigator)
Gilda de Sousa Carvalho Oehmen (FCT Investigator)
Maria Filomena Andrade de Freitas (Post-doc)
Maria da Conceição Santos Silva Rangel Gonçalves (Associate Professor)
Peter Jonathan Eaton (Assistant Researcher)
Sílvia do Carmo Dias Neves Lopes (Post-doc)
Maria Alexandra Núncio de Carvalho Ramos Fernandes (Assistant Professor)
Ana Cecília Roque (Assistant Professor)
José Ricardo Franco Tavares (Assistant Professor)
Rita Meira Cabral (Post-doc)
Paula Gomes (Associate Professor)





The Functional Molecules & Nanomaterials Group brings together a wealth of expertise from synthetic organic and inorganic chemistry of drugs and nanomaterials suitable for biofunctionalization for application in diagnostics and therapy. The Group focuses on the development of bio-inspired nanoscale functional molecules and devices for nanomedicine, whose multidisciplinary nature aims to bring fundamental research into relevant biomedical applications.
We envisage the development of strategies for diagnostics and therapeutics, namely multifunctional medical nanodevices and molecules.  It should be noted that FMN Group members have been at the forefront of nanobiotechnology for diagnostics and therapeutics, with comprehensive national and international recognition: nanotechnology for delivery of chemotherapic agents for cancer and antimicrobials, development of optimized targeted delivery platforms based on nanostructured materials, biophysical characterization and toxicology portrayal of novel (nano)biomolecular assemblies for improved therapeutics. Also, attention is devoted to the development and characterization of nanodiagnostics platforms based on nanoconjugates properties (e.g. optical, chemical, interaction with light).
FMN Group has long been associated with Industry with a view to translational research and clinical application, such as protein-protein and protein-ligand interactions with relevance to diagnostics and therapeutics (e.g. interactions between cell targets and targeting moieties designed for active and/or passive targeting strategies of nanoconjugates), and drug resistance mechanisms (including antibiotic-resistant microorganisms and drug-resistant tumors). Other areas of study will include the mechanisms of inflammatory, immune and oxidative stress response to drug/nanoconjugate exposure, as well as pathogen infection mechanisms and associated host immune response (host-pathogen interactions).



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