Molecular Microbiology


Ana Raquel Freitas (Post-doc)
Ângela Patrícia Amorim (Researcher)
Carla Alexandra Silva (Assistant Professor)
Carlos Novo (Assistant Researcher)
Clara Santana Sousa (Post-doc)
Isabel Sá Nogueira (Associate Professor)
José Paulo Sampaio (Associate Professor) (Group Leader)
Luís Jaime Mota (Assistant Professor)
Luísa Vieira Peixe (Associate Professor)
Marco Coelho (Post-doc)
Patrícia Sofia Antunes (Assistant Professor)
Paula Gonçalves (Assistant Professor)
Paula Videira (Assistant Professor)
Rital Sobral (Assistant Professor)
Sérgio Filipe (Assistant Professor)

Infection Biology Lab
Microbial Genetics Lab
Yeast Genomics Lab:
Glycoimmunology Lab:
MolMicro of Bacterial pathogens Lab: Rita Sobral lab


The Molecular Microbiology Research Group integrates researchers with broad interests in the study of applied and fundamental aspects of how the microbial cell functions and its interactions with the environment including, for pathogens, their eukaryotic hosts. The Portuguese Yeast Culture Collection (, a research infrastructure that gathers, maintains and distributes a unique collection of microorganisms from Mediterranean ecosystems, foods and beverages, is also part of this Research Group. 

The main objectives are: (i) the study of drug resistance mechanisms in key bacterial species both at the cell and population level; (ii) the study of the molecular mechanism underlying bacterial infection of human cells; (iii) the study of gene expression and regulation of carbohydrate metabolism in prokaryote and eukaryote model organisms, including aspects of horizontal gene transfer; (iv) the study of adaptation in antibiotic-resistant bacterial populations; (v) the molecular characterization of sexual systems in yeasts; and (vi) the study of genetic and phenotypic aspects of microbe domestication using population and functional genomics.


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