Our Research is centred in 4 Thematic Lines (TL) that define focus areas of research and to which the Research Groups contribute with their complementary expertise: 

Research conducted at UCIBIO is highly interdisciplinary and integrative, organized around 8 research groups (RG): Chem4Omics (C4O), Functional Molecules & Nanomaterials (FMN), Structural Molecular Biology (SMB), Molecular Microbiology (MM), Theoretical & Computational Biochemistry (TCB), Toxicology (TOXI), Drugs Targets & Biomarkers (DTB), Biomodels, Bioanalytics & Biophysics (BBB).

The organizational structure of UCIBIO supports its strategic plan and echoes the current research strengths and synergies within and between TLs and RGs. 

Within TL1 (Biomolecular Interactions), a major goal is to understand biomolecular mechanisms, from primary processes of molecular recognition to interaction networks in and between living cells. This knowledge of biomolecular interactions will be used to expand our knowledge on cellular functions and on molecular mechanisms of disease. Within TL2 (Drug Discovery), new candidate molecules will be identified and optimized to subsequently enter preclinical evaluation in dedicated drug discovery projects. TL3 (Safety Assessment in Human & Environmental Health) is pivotal to all scientific aspects addressed by UCIBIO’s research program, and its main focus is an undisputed main challenge for industry, consumers, regulatory entities and academia. Finally, within TL4 (Molecular Diagnosis & Therapeutics) identification of new biomarkers via full exploitation of –omics allied with the design and production of nano-devices will translate into innovative health technologies that are strategic for technological development of new diagnosis and therapies.