Antonio Cid Samamed
Post-doc Researcher
Integrated Member
Research Group
BIOTOX Research Group | C4O | UCIBIO, Chemistry Department, Faculty of Science and Technology, University NOVA of Lisbon
21 294 830
- ext 10972
Research Interests
My research activity is mainly focused on physicochemical properties and reactivity of soft matter or colloidal systems to offer real-life environmental, agricultural and food science applications. The research activity included micro and nanostructured self-assembled systems to offer environmental, food and human health micro and nanomaterials risks assessment. Using to reach these objectives physical chemistry, biochemistry, dose-response and time dependent toxicity, histology, and proteomics.
In my Postdoctoral training period I have carried out different research, the main aspect was the change in the framework scale, because of the change from supramolecular physical-chemistry to nanomaterials physical-chemistry and toxicological effects of these engineered nanomaterials in aquatic environments, more accurately in aquatic organisms such us filter-feeding bivalves and fishes. In the first steps of my postdoctoral abroad, I have carried out a formative process on nanomaterials synthesis, characterization and functionalization, within the Post-Doctoral project.
Main publications
1.-Authors (by signature order): Cid Samamed, Antonio; García Río, Luis; Fernández Gándara, Domingo; Mejuto Fernández, Juan Carlos; Morales Vilanova, Jorge; Pérez Lorenzo, Moisés. Publication title: Influence of n-alkyl acids on the percolative phenomena in AOT-based microemulsions. Publication name: Journal of Colloid and Interface Science. Date: 15/02/2008. Volume: 318 – 2. Publisher: Academic Press Inc. First-last page: 525 – 529. Category: Physical-Chemistry-Q2. ISSN: 0021-9797.

2.-Authors (by signature order): Morales Vilanova, Jorge; Manso García, José Antonio; Cid Samamed, Antonio; Mejuto Fernández, Juan Carlos. Publication title: Degradation of carbofuran and carbofuran-derivatives in presence of humic substances under basic conditions. Publication name: Chemosphere. Type of production: Article. Volume: 89 – 11. Publisher: Elsevier Limited. First-last page: 1267 – 1271. Date: 01/11/2012. Category: Science Edition-ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES Q1.

3.-Authors (by signature order): Cid Samamed, Antonio; Mejuto Fernández, Juan Carlos; Orellana, Pablo; López Fernández, Olaya; Rial Otero, Raquel; Simal Gándara, Jesús. Publication title: Effects of ascorbic acid on the microstructure and properties of SDS micellar aggregates for potential food applications. Journal: Food Research International. Date: 01/01/2013. Volume: 50 – 1. First-last page: 143 – 148. Publisher: Elsevier Limited.

4.-Authors (by signature order): Cid Samamed, Antonio; Morales Vilanova, Jorge; Mejuto Fernández, Juan Carlos; Briz Cid, Noelia; Rial Otero, Raquel; Simal Gándara, Jesús. Publication title: Thermodynamics of sodium dodecyl sulphate-salicylic acid based micellar systems and their potential use in fruits postharvest. Publication name: Food Chemistry. Volume: 151. First-last page: 358 – 363. Publisher: Elsevier Limited. Date: 15/05/2014.

5.-Authors (by signature order): Cid Samamed, Antonio; Picado, Ana; Brito Correia, José; Chaves, Rubén; Silva, Héber; Caldeira, Jorge; Alves de matos, António P.; Diniz, Mário S. Publication title: Oxidative stress and histological changes following exposure to diamond nanoparticles in the freshwater Asian clam Corbicula fluminea (Müller, 1774). Publication name: Journal of Hazardous Materials. Volume: 284. First-last page: 27 – 34. Type of production: Article. Date: 02/03/2015. DOI: 10.1016/j.jhazmat.2014.10.055