Carla Alexandra Novais Oliveira e Silva
Assistant Professor
Integrated Member
Research Group
Molecular Microbiology
Faculty of Pharmacy. Porto University. Rua Jorge Viterbo Ferreira nº 228 4050-313 Porto
220 428 588
- ext 8588
Research Interests
To understand:
a) the epidemiology and evolution of antibiotic resistance within the hospital setting;
b) the role of community reservoirs (animal, environment, food) in the selection and dissemination of bacteria/genes of clinical interest.
c) the role of non-antibiotic compounds (e.g. disinfectants, metals) in the dynamics of antibiotic resistance, namely selection of particular successful clones and epidemic genetic elements (plasmids and integrative chromosomal elements).
d) if successful genetic elements involved in horizontal transfer of genes coding for antibiotic resistance and biocide tolerance carry other adaptive features promoting the host colonization, using a detailed genetic characterization through next generation sequencing.
Main publications
-Silveira, Eduarda; Freitas, Ana R; Antunes, Patricia; Barros, Mariana; Campos, Joana; Coque, Teresa M; Peixe ,Luísa; Novais, Carla. 2013. "Co-transfer of resistance to high concentrations of copper and first line antibiotics among Enterococcus from different origins (human, animal, environment and food) and clonal lineages", Journal Antimicrobial Chemotherapy (IN PRESS)
-Freitas, Ana R; Novais, Carla; Tedim-Pedrosa, Ana; Francia, Maria V; Baquero, Fernando; Peixe ,Luísa; Coque, Teresa M. 2013. "Microevolutionary Events Involving Narrow Host Plasmids Influences Local Fixation of Vancomycin-Resistance in Enterococcus Populations", Plos One 8, 3: e60589 - e60589.
-Novais, C.; Freitas, A. R; Silveira, E.; Antunes, P.; Silva, R.; Coque, T. M; Peixe, L.. 2013. "Spread of multidrug-resistant Enterococcus to animals and humans: an underestimated role for the pig farm environment", Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy (doi: 10.1093/jac/dkt289)
-Novais, C.; Freitas, A. R; Silveira, E.; Baquero, F.; Peixe, L.; Roberts, A. P; Coque, T. M. 2012. "Different Genetic Supports for the tet(S) Gene in Enterococci", Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy 56, 11: 6014 - 6018.
-Novais, C.; Freitas, A. R; Silveira, E.; Baquero, F.; Peixe, L.; Roberts, A. P; Coque, T. M. 2012. "A tet(S/M) hybrid from CTn6000 and CTn916 recombination", Microbiol-SGM 158, Pt_11: 2710 - 2711.
-Freitas, A. R; Coque, T. M; Novais, C.; Hammerum, A. M; Lester, C. H; Zervos, M. J; Donabedian, S.; Jensen, L. B; Francia, M. V; Baquero, F.; Peixe, L.. 2011. "Human and Swine Hosts Share Vancomycin-Resistant Enterococcus faecium CC17 and CC5 and Enterococcus faecalis CC2 Clonal Clusters Harboring Tn1546 on Indistinguishable Plasmids", Journal of Clinical Microbiology 49, 3: 925 - 931.
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