Daniela Priscila Rodrigues Lopes de Campos
PhD Student
Research Group
Department of Applied Chemistry, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Porto. Rua Jorge Viterbo Ferreira, 228, 4050-313 Porto, Portugal.
Research Interests
Main publications
2. C. Nunes, D. Lopes, M. Pinheiro, C. Pereira-Leite, and S. Reis. In Vitro Assessment of NSAIDs-Membrane Interactions: Significance for Pharmacological Actions. Pharmaceutical Research 2013. 30(8): p. 2097-107.

1. C. Nunes, G. Brezesinski, D. Lopes, J.L.F.C. Lima, S. Reis, and M. Lucio. Lipid-Drug Interaction: Biophysical Effects of Tolmetin on Membrane Mimetic Systems of Different Dimensionality. Journal of Physical Chemistry B 2011. 115(43): p. 12615-12623