Eurico José da Silva Cabrita
Assistant Professor
Integrated Member
Research Group
Structural Molecular Biology
Chemistry Department Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia Universidade Nova de Lisboa Quinta da Torre 2829-516 Caparica
212 948 358
- ext 10926
Research Interests
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance; Structural Biology; Molecular recognition and (bio)catalysis; Intermolecular interactions; High Pressure NMR; Ionic Liquids.
Main publications
- A.M. Figueiredo, J. Sardinha, G. R. Moore, E. J. Cabrita, Protein destabilisation in ionic liquids: The role of preferential interactions in denaturation, Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 2013, 15(45) 19632-19643.

- M.C. Corvo, J. Sardinha, S.C. Menezes, S. Einloft, M. Seferin, J. Dupont, T. Casimiro, E.J. Cabrita, Solvation of carbon dioxide in [C4mim][BF4] and [C4mim][PF6] ionic liquids revealed by high-pressure NMR spectroscopy, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 2013, 52(49), 13024-13027.

- A. Viegas, J. Sardinha, F. Freire, A.L. Carvalho, C.M.G.A. Fontes, M.J. Romao, A.L. Macedo, E.J. Cabrita, Solution structure, dynamics and binding studies of a family 11 carbohydrate-binding module from clostridium thermocellum (CtCBM11), Biochem. J., 2013, 451(2), 289-300

- J. Pimenta, A. Viegas, J. Sardinha, I.C. Martins, E.J. Cabrita, C.M.G.A. Fontes, J.A. Prates, R.M.L.N. Pereira, NMR solution structure and SRP54M predicted interaction of the N-terminal sequence (1-30) of the ovine Doppel protein, Peptides, 2013, 49, 32-40.

- S. Quintal, A. Viegas, S. Erhardt, E.J. Cabrita, N.P. Farrell, Platinated DNA affects zinc finger conformation. Interaction of a platinated single-stranded oligonucleotide and the C-terminal zinc finger of nucleocapsid protein HIVNCp7, Biochemistry, 2012, 51(8), 1752-1761.

- A. Viegas, J. Manso, M.C. Corvo, M.M.B. Marques, E.J. Cabrita, Binding of ibuprofen, ketorolac and diclofenac to COX-1 and COX-2 studied by saturation transfer difference NMR, J. Med. Chem, 2011, 54(24), 8555-8562.

- J. Manso, A. Viegas, F. Nobrega, E.J. Cabrita, Saturation-Transfer Difference (STD) NMR – A simple and fast method for ligand screening and characterization of protein binding, J. Chem. Educ. 2011, 88, 990-994.

- A. Viegas, N. F. Brás, N.M.F.S.A. Cerqueira, P.A. Fernandes, J.A.M. Prates, C.M.G.A. Fontes, M. Bruix, M.J. Romão, A.L. Carvalho, M.J. Ramos, A.L. Macedo, E.J. Cabrita, Molecular Determinants of Ligand Specificity in Family 11 Carbohydrate Binding Modules (CBM11): a NMR, X-Ray Crystallography and Computational Chemistry Approach, FEBS Journal, 2008, 275, 2524-2535.

- T. Brand, E.J. Cabrita, G.A. Morris, R. Günther, H-J Hofmann, S. Berger, Residue-specific NH exchange rates studied by NMR diffusion experiments, J. Magn. Reson., 2007, 187(1), 97-104.

- E.J. Cabrita, S. Berger, P. Bräurer, J. Kärger, High resolution DOSY NMR with spins in different chemical surrounding: Influence of particle exchange, J. Magn. Reson., 2002, 157, 124-131.