Gilda de Sousa Carvalho Oehmen
Assistant Researcher
Integrated Member
Research Group
Design of Molecules and NanoMaterials for Therapy and Diagnosis
Lab. 505 Chemistry Department Faculty of Sciences and Technology New University of Lisbon 2829-516 Caparica
212 948 571
- ext 10991
Research Interests
Wastewater treatment and resource recovery using mixed microbial cultures
• Micropollutant mitigation (pharmaceuticals, pesticides, etc)
• Nutrient removal (phosphorus and nitrogen)
• Production of biopolymers (polyhydroxyalkanoates) from industrial wastes
• Production of platform substances (organic acids) from waste
• Microbial community assessment with molecular biology tools (fluorescence in situ hybridisation (FISH), high throughput sequencing, quantitative PCR, denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis (DGGE), amplicon cloning and sequencing).
Main publications
1. Castanheira N, Dourado AC, Kruz S, Alves PI, Delgado-Rodríguez AI, Pais I, Semedo J, Scotti-Campos P, Sánchez C, Borges N, Carvalho G, Barreto Crespo M, Fareleira P (2016). Plant growth promoting Burkholderia species isolated from annual ryegrass in Portuguese soils, Journal of Applied Microbiology. doi: 10.1111/jam.13025. IF: 2.479, Q2, CN: 0.
2. Franca RDG, Vieira A, Mata AM, Carvalho G, Pinheiro HM, Lourenço ND (2015). Effect of an azo dye on the performance of an aerobic granular sludge sequencing batch reactor treating a simulated textile wastewater, Water Research 85, 327-336 IF: 5.323, Q1, CN: 0.
3. Marques, R., Oehmen, A., Carvalho, G. and Reis, M.A.M. (2015). Modelling the Biodegradation Kinetics of the Herbicide Propanil and its Metabolite 3,4-Dichloroaniline, Environmental Science and Pollution Research 22: 6687-6695. DOI: 10.1007/s11356-014-3870-z. IF: 2.757, Q2, CN: 0
4. Diniz, M.S., Salgado R., Pereira, V.J., Oehmen A., Reis M.A.M., Noronha J.P. and Carvalho G. (2015). Ecotoxicity of ketoprofen, diclofenac and atenolol and their phololysis byproducts in zebrafish (Danio rerio), Science of the Total Environment, 505: 282-289. IF: 3.163, QI, CN: 0.
5. Carvalheira M, Oehmen A, Carvalho G, Reis MAM. (2014). Survival strategies of polyphosphate accumulating organisms and glycogen accumulating organisms under conditions of low organic loading. Bioresource Technology 172: 290-296. IF: 5.039, CN: 0, Q1.
6. Lanham AB, Oehmen A, Saunders AM, Carvalho G, Nielsen PH and Reis MAM. (2014). Metabolic modelling of full-scale enhanced biological phosphorus removal sludge: anaerobic TCA cycle vs. glycolysis, Water Research, 66: 283-295. IF: 5.323, Q1, CN: 2.
7. Carvalheira M, Oehmen A, Carvalho G, Eusebio M and Reis MAM. (2014). The impact of aeration on the competition between polyphosphate accumulating organisms and glycogen accumulating organisms, Water Research, 66: 296-307. IF: 5.323, Q1, CN: 2.
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10. Lanham AB, Oehmen A, Saunders AM, Carvalho G*, Nielsen PH and Reis MAM. (2013). Metabolic versatility in full-scale wastewater treatment plants performing enhanced biological phosphorus removal, Water Research, 47(9), 7032-7041. IF: 5.323, Q1, CN: 8.
11. Lanham AB, Ricardo AR, Albuquerque MGE, Pardelha F, Carvalheira M, Coma M, Fradinho J, Carvalho G, Oehmen A, Reis MAM (2013). Determination of the extraction kinetics for the quantification of polyhydroxyalkanoate monomers in mixed microbial systems. Process Biochemistry 48(11): 1626-1634. IF: 2.524,Q1, CN: 4.
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(IF: impact factor; Q: journal quartile in category; CN: citations number; *: corresponding author)