Ilda Santos Sanches
Associate Professor
Integrated Member
Research Group
Molecular Microbiology
Departamento de Ciências da Vida. Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia. Universidade Nova de Lisboa. Quinta da Torre. 2829-516 Caparica. Portugal
212 948 530
- ext 11113
212 948 530
Research Interests
The main research interest of our laboratory is to understand the dynamics of populations of bacterial pathogens from human and animal origin and the molecular mechanisms involved in pathogen adaptation and virulence.

Research activities include: - Comparison of phenotypes/genotypes of bacterial species/strains from different niches, clinical origins and hosts; - Analysis of the genomic structure and potential for horizontal gene transfer of phages (bacterial virus) and of other mobile genetic element; - Study of antimicrobial resistance patterns and mechanisms of resistance; - Investigation of the biological activity of new materials and new biocompounds against various pathogens; - Investigation of tailor-made strategies for infection control and risk assessment for bacterial colonization and infection.

Research Team

Ilda Santos Sanches, PhD, Principal Investigator

Rosario Mato, PhD,
Invited Assistant Professor, DCV-FCT/UNL

Nateson Balashubramanian, PhD, Postdoc fellow
(co-supervision A. Fernandes, DCV-FCT/UNL)

Catarina Rodrigues, PhD, Postdoc fellow
(co-supervision A. Fernandes, DCV-FCT/UNL)

Cinthia Barroco, PhD student
(co-supervision A. Fernandes, DCV-FCT/UNL)

Carlos Florindo, PhD student
(co-supervision M.J. Borrego, INSA. Portugal; B. Spellerberg, Ulm Univ. Germany)

Célia Leão PhD student
(co-supervision J. Inácio, University of Brighton, UK)

Tiago Dias, MSc, Graduate fellow
(co-supervision S. Gaudêncio, REQUIMTE-FCT/UNL)

João Caço, MSc student
(co-supervision A. Fernandes, DCV-FCT/UNL)

João Brito, MSc student
(co-supervision R. Mato, DCV-FCT/UNL)

Renato Pires, PhD (collaborator)

Márcia Rato, PhD (collaborator)
Main publications
Book Chapters

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