Alice S. Pereira
Assistant Professor
Integrated Member
Research Group
Structural Molecular Biology
Departamento de Química, room #626 Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia, UNL 2829-516 Caparica PORTUGAL
212 948 300
- ext 10987
212 948 550
Research Interests
Research areas:
Molecular Biophysics/ Biological Inorganic Chemistry / Physical Biochemistry / Biochemistry / Molecular Biology

The long term objectives in the last years have been to obtain data to establish a unified mechanism for maxi-ferritins ferroxidation and mineralization processes. A general goal has been to understand how biology uses protein structures to control the reactivity of complex metal centers, to activate molecular oxygen for a variety of catalytic functions. We have been particularly focused on the study of the iron oxidation reaction catalyzed by maxi-ferritins (ferrritins and bacterioferritins) from anaerobic organisms. To unveil cellular detoxification mechanisms is also a major interest. Multiple techniques from the scientific areas above listed are used to understand the chemistry and structure of metals in proteins, their interaction and their role in macromolecular catalysis.
The biologic effect of ionizing radiation on macromolecules, particularly metalloenzymes, has been under study. Also, correlation between radiation effects and metabolites resulting from oxidative stress has been under focus.
Main publications
- “Nitrite reductase”
P. Tavares, A.S. Pereira
Encyclopedia of Metalloproteins, 1562(2013)
( )

- “Occupational cosmic radiation exposure in Portuguese airline pilots: Study of a possible correlation with oxidative biological markers”
R. Silva, F. Folgosa, P. Soares, A.S. Pereira, R. Garcia, J.J. Gestal-Otero, P. Tavares, M.D.R. Gomes da Silva
Radiation and Environmental Biophysics, 52(2): 211-220 (2013)

- “Spectroscopic evidence for and characterization of a trinuclear ferroxidase center in bacterial ferritin from Desulfovibrio vulgaris Hildenborough”
A.S. Pereira,* C.G. Timóteo, M. Guilherme, F. Folgosa, S.G. Naik, A.G. Duarte, B.H. Huynh, P. Tavares
J. Am. Chem. Soc., 134: 10822-10832 (2012)

- “Synthesis of catecholamine conjugates with nitrogen-centered bionucleophiles”
P. S. Branco, F. Siopa, A. S. Pereira, L. M. Ferreira, M. Marques
Bioorganic Chemistry, 44: 19-24 (2012)

- “Desulfovibrio vulgaris bacterioferritin uses H2O2 as co-substrate for iron oxidation and reveals DPS-like DNA protection and binding activities”
C.G. Timóteo, M. Guilherme, F. Folgosa, P. Tavares, A.S. Pereira*
Biochemical J., ChemBio, 446: 125-133 (2012)
( )

- “New spectroscopic and electrochemical insights on a class I superoxide reductase. Evidence for an intramolecular electron transfer pathway”
F. Folgosa, C.M. Cordas, J.A. Santos, A.S. Pereira, J.J.G. Moura, P. Tavares, I. Moura
Biochemical J. ChemBio, 438: 485-494 (2011).

- “Low-spin heme b3 in the catalytic center of nitric oxide reductase from Pseudomonas nautica”.
C.G. Timóteo, A.S. Pereira, C.E. Martins, S.G. Naik, A.G. Duarte, J.J.G. Moura, P. Tavares, B.H. Huynh, I. Moura
Biochemistry, 50: 4251-4262(2011).
( )

- “Effect of kefir grains on proteolysis of major milk proteins”.
I.M.P.L.V.O. Ferreira, O. Pinho, D. Monteiro, S. Faria, S. Cruz, A. Perreira, A.C. Roque, P. Tavares
Journal of Dairy Science, 93: 27-31 (2010).

- “Isolation and characterization of a new Cu-Fe protein from Desulfovibrio aminophilus DSM12254”.
M.G. Rivas, C.S. Mota, S. Pauleta, M.S.P. Carepo, F. Folgosa, S.L.A. Andrade, G. Fauque, A.S. Pereira, P. Tavares, J.J. Calvete, I. Moura, J.J.G. Moura.
J. Inorg. Biochem., 103: 1314-1322 (2009).

- “Camelid nanobodies raised against an integral membrane enzyme, nitric oxide reductase”.
K. Conrath, A.S. Pereira, C.E. Martins, C.G. Timóteo, P. Tavres, S. Spinelli, J. Kinne, C. Flaudrops, C. Cambillau, S. Muyldermans, I. Moura, J.J.G. Moura, M. Tegoni, A. Desmyter.
Protein Science, 18: 619-628 (2009).
( )

- “Molybdenum induces the expression of a protein containing a new heterometallic Mo-Fe cluster in Desulfovibrio alaskensis”.
M.G. Rivas, M.S.P. Carepo, C.D. Brondino, A.S. Pereira, G.N. George, A. Dolla, J.J.G. Moura, I. Moura.
Biochemistry, 48: 873-882 (2009).
( )

- “Electron transfer complex between nitrous oxide reductase (N2OR) and cytochrome c552 from Pseudomonas nautica: kinetic, NMR and docking studies”.
S. Dell’ Acqua, S. Pauleta, E. Monzani, A.S. Pereira, L. Casella, J.J.G. Moura, and I. Moura.
Biochemistry, 47: 10852-10862 (2008).
( )

- “A new type of metal-binding site in cobalt- and zinc-containing adenylate kinases isolated from sulfate reducers D. gigas and D. desulfuricans 27774”.
O.Y. Gavel, S.A. Bursakov, G. Di Rocco, J. Trincão, I.J. Pickering, G.N. George, J.J. Calvete, V.L. Shnyrov, C.D. Brondino, A.S. Pereira, J. Lampreia, P. Tavares, J.J.G. Moura, and I. Moura.
J. Inorg. Biochem., 102: 1380-1395 (2008).
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- “Preparation of ingredients containing an ACE-inhibitory peptide by tryptic hydrolysis of whey protein concentrates”.
I.M.P.L.V.O. Ferreira, O. Pinho, M.V. Mota, P. Tavares, A. Pereira, M.P. Gonçalves, D. Torres, C. Rocha, and J.A. Teixeira.
Int. Dairy J., 17: 481-487 (2007)
( )

- “Conformations generated during turnover of the Azotobacter vinelandii nitrogenase MoFe and their relationship to physiological function”.
K. Fisher, D.J. Lowe, P. Tavares, A.S. Pereira, B.H. Huynh, D. Edmonson and W.E. Newton.
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( )

- “Development and validation of an HPLC/UV method for quantification of bioactive
peptides in dairy products”.
I.M.P.L.V.O. Ferreira, O. Pinho, R. Eça, P. Tavares, A. Pereira, A.C. Roque.
J. Liquid Chromatography & Related Technologies, 30: 2139-2147 (2007).
( )

- “NMR assignment of the apo-form of a Desulfovibrio gigas protein containing a novel Mo-Cu cluster”.
S. Pauleta, A.G. Duarte, M.S. Carepo, A.S. Pereira, P. Tavares, I. Moura, e J.J.G. Moura.
Biomol. NMR Assign, 1: 81-83 (2007).
( )

- “Superoxide reductases”.
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( )

- “Nitric oxide reductase: direct electrochemistry and electrocatalytic activity”.
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( )

- “Metalloenzymes of the denitrification pathway”.
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( )

- “Paracoccus pantotrophus pseudoazurin is an electron donor to cytochrome c peroxidase”.
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( )

- “Structural basis for the mechanism of Ca2+ activation of the di-heme cytochrome c peroxidade from Pseudomanas nautica 617”.
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- “Stoichiometric production of hydrogen peroxide and parallel formation of ferric multimers through decay of the diferric-peroxo complex, the first detectable intermediate in ferritin mineralization”.
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( )

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- “Substitution of murine ferrochelatase glutamate-287 with glutamine or alanine leads to porphyrin substrate-bound variants”.
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- “Redox potentials measurements of the Mycobacterium tuberculosis heme protein KatG and the isoniazid-resistant enzyme KatG (S315T): Insights into isoniazid activation.”
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