Maria de la Salette Fernandes Hipolito Reis
Associate Professor
Research Group
Biomodels, Bioanalytics and Biophysics
REQUIMTE, Faculdade de Farmácia da Universidade do Porto, Química Aplicada, Rua Jorge Viterbo Ferreira,228, 4050-313, Porto, Portugal.
22 048 672
226 093 390
Research Interests
Investigation has been focused in biophysics and pharmaceutical chemistry, namely:
- Use of biomimetic membrane models to study the effect of drugs on biological membranes trying to establish a relationship between this effect and their activity/mechanism of action;
- Use of proteoliposomes to evaluate the membrane lipid composition on modulation of drugs interaction with membrane proteins;
- Nanopharmaceutics (liposomes, lipid nanoparticles and nanotubes) as drug delivery systems.
Main publications
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