Teresa Santos Silva
Assistant Researcher
Research Group
Structural Molecular Biology
Lab 605 Departamento de Química, Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, 2829 – 516 Caparica
212 948 300
- ext 10940
212 948 550
Research Interests
(1) Metalloproteins.
I have been working in bacterial and human Mo enzymes form the xanthine oxidase family in order to understand the reaction mechanism and inhibition, namely aldehyde oxidase (Coelho et al, Nat Chem Biol, 2015), aldehyde oxidoreductase (Santos-Silva et al JACS, 2009) (Correia et al, ACS Chem Biol, 2016) and arsenite oxidase (Watson,et al, BBA-Bioenergetics, 2017).
I am also

(2) Structural Biology applied to drug design
I am interested in describing protein-ligand interactions with an integrative perspective. I have been focusing on:

A. Carbon monoxide molecules (CORMs) as anti-inflammatory agents. I used X-ray crystallography to characterize the binding of CORMs to proteins and understand their mode of action (Santos-Silva, JACS, 2011) (Seixas, Dalton 2014). Currently, I am focusing on the use of nanotechnology to develop new CO-anti-inflammatory agents to fight rheumatoid arthritis and I am the PI of an on-going project of Fundação Ciencia e Tecnologia (PTDC/QEQ-MED/1902/2014).
B. V-complexes are known for their anti-diabetic activity. I am interested in characterizing the binding of V complexes to proteins by X-ray crystallography and Small Angle X-ray Scattering (Pessoa et al, Chemistry An Asian Journal, 2017).
C. Recently I have been involved in the characterization of protein-inhibitor interacitons for new anti-apoptotic molecules that target BCL-2 or new anti-inflammatory agents that bind to Cyclooxigenase-2.

I have published 34 articles in the Structural Biology field (19 without my PhD supervisor). I am the main author of 8 manuscripts and, in the past 7 years, and I have been corresponding author in 14. I received more than 490 citations with 14 average citations per article. My h-index is 14. I have 2 first author articles published in the Journal of the American Chemical Society (IF 13); 1 in Nature Chemical Biology (IF 12) 1 as corresponding author in Nature Scientific Reports (IF 5) and 1 as corresponding author in ACS Chemical Biology (IF 5).

I have been involved in the supervision of MSc students (11, three ongoing), PhDs (5, three ongoing, one as co-supervisor) and Post-Docs (5, one ongoing coming from Pondicherry University).

Since 2012 I was/am PI of 3 projects – one ongoing; team member of 4 projects – two ongoing – all financed by the Portuguese Science Foundation, 2 pilot projects – one ongoing – financed by the research unit, and 1 bilateral agreement with the DAAD, Germany.
I have been invited for oral presentations at international meetings and national conference cycles (total of 9).
Main publications
5 most relevant publications (out of 34) *corresponding author
-*Otrelo-Cardoso, A. R., et al (2017). Scientific Reports, 7(1). https://doi.org/10.1038/s41598-017-06133-y
- Pessoa, J. C., et al (2017).Chemistry An Asian Journal. https://doi.org/10.1002/asia.201700469 -Featured article in main journal.
-*Correia, M. A. S., et al (2016). ACS Chem Biol, 11(10). https://doi.org/10.1021/acschembio.6b00572
- Coelho, C., et al (2015) Nature Chemical Biology, 11(10). https://doi.org/10.1038/nchembio.1895
- Santos-Silva, T., et al (2011). JACS, 133(5). https://doi.org/10.1021/ja108820s (C=93, IF=13.0, Q1 (top 1%) in Chemistry. Bibliometric analysis Web of Science (C), J Citation Reports (IF) and Scimago 2017