PhD programs

Funded PhD programs


European Joint Doctorate -Theoretical Chem & Comp Modelling (JDP-TCCM)  2013    

Portuguese coordinator: Maria João Ramos, UCIBIO


NMR  applied to Chemistry, Material Sciences and Biosciences *  2013  

Director: Eurico Cabrita, UCIBIO


Radiation Biology and Biophysics *  

Director: Paulo Limão Vieira, Department of Physics - FCT-UNL / Pedro Tavares, UCIBIO

Molecular Biosciences  

Director: Mariana Pinho, ITQB-UNL

Local Coordinator: Maria João Romão, UCIBIO / Isabel de Sá-Nogueira, UCIBIO


Director: Mário Barbosa, ICBAS-UP

Local Coordinator: Salette Reis, UCIBIO

Medicines and Pharmaceutical Innovation  2013  

Director: Cecília Rodrigues, FF/ULisboa

Local Coordinator: Maria Beatriz Oliveira, LAQV-REQUIMTE

Sustainable Animal Nutrition and Feeding  2013  

Director: António José Mira da Fonseca, LAQV-REQUIMTE

Bioengineering Systems (MIT – Portugal)  

Director: João Paulo Crespo, LAQV-REQUIMTE

Sustainable Chemistry  

Director: Manuel Nunes da Ponte, LAQV-REQUIMTE

(*) coordination


Other PhD programs


Director: Maria João Romão, UCIBIO


Director: Isabel de Sá-Nogueira, UCIBIO


Director: Pedro Viana Baptista, UCIBIO