Synthetic Chemistry Facilities (Lisbon-Porto)

Organic Dyes
The Chemistry facilities offers the synthesis, purification and characterization of organic dyes and chemosensors used as substrates, inhibitors, chromophores, fluorophores, conjugates, and/or chelated compounds (macrocycles, cages compounds, etc). All optical characterization is also available. Our chemists can also advise you concerning your chemical problems and special laboratory issues, and will help you in chemical research “a la carte” for the development of new synthetic methodologies for desired target molecules

Inorganic Complexes
The Chemistry laboratories offers also the synthesis, purification and characterization of inorganic complexes used in DNA-protein interactions, as substrates, emissive dyes, inhibitors, chromophores, fluorophores, conjugates, based on Ru(II), Os(III), Ir(I), Pt(II), Pd(II), Au(I), Ag(I) among other bio-compatible complexes. Moreover, all optical characterization is also available.

The strong experties of C4O and FMN groups in synthesis and applications of nanoparticles allows to offers the synthesis and characterization of inorganic (AuNP, AgNP, MNPs); Silica (SiO-NPs); polymeric and magnetic nanoparticles. Moreover functionalization with organic molecules, polymers, peptides, anti-bodies, proteins, DNA are also available. UCIBIO groups have access to all necessary infrastructures for nanosynthesis, and nano-characterization, either in-house or within the scope of National or International Collaborations. 

This facility performs and supports the functionalization nanoparticles with biomolecules with emphasis on DNA/RNA and proteins (peptides and antibodies) suitable for in vitro and in vivo studies. We supply for characterization of bioconjugates and of analysis and interpretation, reports and based on the development of collaboration studies and projects within the areas of technical application.