Thematic Line Coordinator: Maria de Lourdes Bastos


Brief Description:
The field of Safety Assessment addresses the evaluation of new compounds and the reevaluation of those already marketed but whose safety is questionable. New entities for biomedical applications will be synthesized, others will be studied for new therapeutic applications, and experimental models will be implemented or adapted for toxicological evaluation. These aspects are combined into rational research plans and the multidisciplinary structure of the groups integrating the thematic line is clearly advantageous in this respect. The main goals are: (i) design and application for joint research projects under the scope of safety assessment, (ii) supervision of PhD and Post-Doc students with multidisciplinary study plans that involve different groups within the line, and (iii) cooperation in multidisciplinary PhD programs or other scientific activities. 

Research Groups:
Theoretical & Computational Biochemistry group (TCB), 
Functional Molecules & Nanomaterials group (FMN)
Toxicology group (TOXI)
Drug targets & Biomarkers group (DTB)
Molecular microbiology (MM) group
Chem4Omics group (C4O)
Structural and Molecular Biology group (SMB).