Thematic Line Coordinator: Salette Reis


Brief Description:
The introduction of targeted therapeutics for personalized medicine into clinical practice has created major opportunities for further development of research on molecular diagnosis. Personalized medicine is a new trend in medicine predominantly in cancer and inflammatory diseases treatment that has promise in improving healthcare before, during and after disease. It has emerged because of the recognition that no single therapeutic agent has the same effect on a large number of patients with the same diagnosis. The molecular understanding of the disease and more importantly the tailoring of the treatment based on the patients’ genes, proteins and metabolites drives personalized medicine. The main focus is on the identification of new biomarkers, design and production of nano-devices for the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases. Innovative health technologies will be strategic for technological development in the near future as the full impact of the omics research becomes accessible and new diagnosis and therapies are needed. The main objectives of the ‘thematic line are: (i) to provide novel tools for molecular diagnosis based on –omics approaches and also on target-driven approaches using molecular recognition; (ii) to develop novel platforms based on nanosystems for diagnosis; (iii) to implement innovative therapies through nanotechnology applied to drug delivery systems.

Research Groups:
Chem4Omics (C4O) 
Functional Molecules & Nanomaterials (FMN)
Structural & Molecular Biology (SMB)
Molecular Microbiology (MM)
Toxicology (TOXI)
Drug targets & Biomarkers (DTB)
Biomodels, Bioanalytics & Biophysics (BBB)