Room 217D, Edifício Departamental - FCT NOVA
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Joachim Thiem, University of Hamburg - Faculty of Science, Department of Chemistry, Hamburg, Germany


Chemoenzymatic Syntheses and Inhibition Studies


Host: Maria Manuel Marques, LAQV at FCT NOVA



Enzymes from the carbohydrate metabolism allow application of chemo-enzymatic routes to construct natural as well as non-natural oligosaccharides. Focussing on the use of glycosyl-transferases, glycosidases and specific transhydrolases five characteristic studies will be discussed, which show advantageous accesses towards complex glycan structures and potential enzyme inhibitors.

* Transferases from snail metabolism were employed to build up lower oligosaccharides.

* By preparative transglycosylation using transsialidase (T. cruzi) and several modified donor as well as acceptor structures stereospecifically α2-3-linked components were obtained.

* Syntheses of chromogenic saccharides enabled a successful search for unknown transglycosidases.

* Cross metathesis towards neuraminic acid C-glycosides led to formation of a novel modulator for transsialidase.

* Oxidation studies of neuraminic acid gave octonic acid derivatives with unusual chemical features.


Short CV

- Chemistry study and Dissertation in Hamburg with Prof. Dr. H. Paulsen (1972)
- Habilitation (1978) and Assistant Hamburg (till 1982)
- Associate Prof. in Münster (1983-1989)
- Full Prof. in Hamburg (since 1989)
- Sabbaticals and Visiting Professorships: University of California, Berkeley, CA, USA (1984/85)
- Victoria University and IRL, Wellington, NZ (1993)
- CERMAV, Grenoble, F (1995)
- The Scripps Research Institute (TSIR), La Jolla, CA, USA (2005/06).