Room 217D - Edifício Departamental, FCT NOVA
joe da costa


This intensive 2.5 day course is tailored to postdoctoral fellows, early career academics and PhD students. The course offers a broad view of paper writing, submission, revision and publication. In addition, this course covers practical assessment of papers. This course is given in the context of the importance of paper publishing instead of grammatical paper writing. Basically, this course puts the participants in the position of Reviewers and Editors of journals. Therefore, when the participants write their papers, they should think what would be the position taken by Reviewers and Editors and the questions that they would pose. This will help in avoiding major pitfalls in the submission of papers, whilst allowing for papers to be published in more high impact journals. The course is in English although it can be delivered in Portuguese. However, all the assignments are in English which is the lingua franca for scientific journals.


Short Bio - Professor Joe da Costa

Joe da Costa was the founding Director of the FIM2 Lab – Functional and Interfacial Materials and Membrane Laboratory, and is an Emeritus Professor in the School of Chemical Engineering at the University of Queensland, Brisbane Australia. Currently he is an Invited Professor in Chemical Engineering at the Universidade NOVA de Lisboa. Joe has over 30 years working experience in industrial, consultancy and academic roles in Brazil, England and Australia. His research field is in inorganic membranes for gas, liquid and crystallization processes, in addition to materials (2D/3D) development for sorption applications and catalyses. Joe has over 300 international publications including 13 book chapters on membranes and membrane reactors, a H-index of 50 and over 9000 citations. Until his retirement in 2018, Joe was a Chartered Professional Engineer in the Colleges of Mechanical Engineering and Chemical Engineering of the Institution of Engineers Australia.