Room 217D - Edifício Departamental, FCT NOVA
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Crash course in entrepreneurial learning


Host: Manuel Nunes da Ponte



Today, being an entrepreneurial individual is much more than starting your own business. It is profoundly related with mindset and the attitudes and beliefs that everyone can associate with their endeavours. Having an entrepreneurial mindset allows individuals to spot opportunities, seek answers, gather resources and implement solutions regardless of their specific context or institutional constraints. This will be a provocative and accessible workshop underpinned by a number of experiential exercises aiming to involve participants in developing their own entrepreneurial mindset.


Short Bio

Ricardo Zozimo is an Assistant Professor of Management at NOVA SBE. He holds a PhD from Lancaster University in Entrepreneurship and a Masters in Strategic Planning from University College of Dublin. At NOVA SBE his research and teaching are focused on understanding the impact that organizations create and manage and the links with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Adopting an entrepreneurial learning perspective, he specifically looks at the key processes associated with creating positive impacts for society while managing profitable businesses. Hence his curiosity about how entrepreneurial individuals say thank you. Previously he has worked as Lecturer in Entrepreneurship at Lancaster University where he was the inaugural winner of the Outstanding Contribution to Student Experience Award. His past professional experiences include working for public, private and charitable organizations in five different countries.