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2nd International Caparica Conference in Splicing
SPLICING 2018 Hotel Aldeia dos Capuchos - Caparica

16th-19th July 2018


It is estimated that 30% of diseases caused by mutations can be linked to splicing. Mutation of a splice site can result in site loss of function and specificity, causing insertion or deletion of aminoacids or a disruption of the reading frame. The importance of understanding and properly decoding roles governing splicing have become a fact for the research community as demonstarted by the increasing number of manuscripts devoted to this subject. Splicing 2018 intends to join in a friendly academic environment all of us working or interested in moving to this area of research. The conference will take place in summer in one of the best beach areas from Portugal, the sea village of Caparica (South Lisbon area).  We aim you to present your latest results in Splicing and to join the best researchers in this area of knowledge. 220 participants from 27 Countries will be presented in the event. Plenary speakers: Eduardo Eyras - Spain; Vânia Prado - Canada; Franco Pagani - Italy; Peter Kloetzel - Germany; Diana Baralle - UK e Benoit Chabot - Canada.



  • RNA Splicing
  • Protein Splicing
  • DNA Splicing
  • Alternative Splicing
  • Splicing and disease
  • Splicing and nanotechnology
  • Autosplicing
  • Espliceosome
  • Computational Biology of Splicing
  • Translational Applications

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