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Yann Ferrand

YANN FERRAND, University of Bordeaux, France


Aromatic oligomamide capsules as versatile containers for molecular recognition





Aromatic oligoamides present all the required features to act as efficient scaffolds for the molecular recognition of chiral polar guests. Their oligomeric nature offers unmatched modularity in that each and every monomer may be varied in order to tune the structure, the dynamics and host-guest properties. Helices with variable inner diameters can be used as capsules that can totally isolate a substrate from the external medium (Figure 1a).[1] Metal ions can be inserted in the wall of the cavity to enhance binding. Self-assembly can also be used to generate even larger cavity suitable for multiple guests binding (Figure 1b).[2] Recently, we showed that implementing aromatic b sheets in the backbone of these containers allows to create a permanent window that can accelerate guest binding and releasing events (Figure 1c). Finally, photo-switchable aromatic amino acids can be introduced in theses sequences to trigger specific conformational rearrangement of the receptors.[2]



Figure 1. Schematic representations of new architectures based on aromatic oligoamides that can act as receptors: (a) single helical molecular capsule. (b) double helical container. (c) helix-sheet-helix architecture.

[1]        Y. Ferrand, I. Huc Acc. Chem. Res. 2018, 51, 970.
[2]        B. Gole,B. Kauffmann,V. Maurizot,I. Huc, Y. Ferrand Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2019, 10.1002/anie.201902378


Short CV

2017-now: Team leader CBMN, CNRS Researcher (currently Research Director CNRS), UMR5248 CNRS
                  Subjects:   - Biomimetic supramolecular chemistry
                                    -    Molecular machines
2007/16: Research Associate (CR CNRS), CBMN, University of Bordeaux, with Prof. I. Huc
2005/07: Post-Doc School of Chemistry, University of Bristol (UK), with Prof. A. P. Davis

2015: Habilitation diploma, Univ. of Bordeaux (France)
2001/05: PhD Thesis, in organic chemistry, at the Univ. of Rennes (France)
1999: Bachelor of Science, in biochemistry, at the Univ. of Rennes (France)

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