Recent Publications

  • Araujo, D; Costa, T; Freitas, F. (2021). Biovalorization of Lignocellulosic Materials for Xylitol Production by the Yeast Komagataella pastoris. APPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL, 11. 10.3390/app11125516

    Ferreira, MS; Magalhaes, MC; Oliveira, R; Sousa-Lobo, JM; Almeida, IF. (2021). Trends in the Use of Botanicals in Anti-Aging Cosmetics. MOLECULES, 26. 10.3390/molecules26123584

  • Silva, AC; Lobo, JMS. (2021). Preclinical Evaluation of Lipid-Based Nanosystems. MOLECULAR PHARMACEUTICS, 13. 10.3390/pharmaceutics13050708

    Martins, FG; Melo, A; Sousa, SF. (2021). Identification of New Potential Inhibitors of Quorum Sensing through a Specialized Multi-Level Computational Approach. MOLECULES, 26. 10.3390/molecules26092600

  • Garcia, KR; Rodrigues, L; Pereira, L; Busse, G; Irbe, M; Almada, M; Christensen, C; Midao, L; Dias, I; Heery, D; Hardy, R; Quarta, B; Poulain, MM; Bertram, M; Karnikowski, M; Costa, E. (2021). Improving the digital skills of older adults in a COVID-19 pandemic environment. EDUCATIONAL GERONTOLOGY, 47, 196-206. 10.1080/03601277.2021.1905216

    Fernandes, JF; Ricardo, F; Jeronimo, D; Santos, A; Domingues, MR; Calado, R; Madeira, D. (2021). Modulation of fatty acid profiles by global and local ocean change drivers in the ragworm Hediste diversicolor: implications for aquaculture production. AQUACULTURE, 542. 10.1016/j.aquaculture.2021.736871

  • Ana Patricia Silva, Afonso R M Almeida, Ana Cachucho, João L Neto, Sofie Demeyer, Mafalda Ramos de Matos, Thea Hogan, Yunlei Li, Jules P Meijerink, Jan Cools, Ana Rita Grosso, Benedict Seddon, Joao T Barata. (2021). Overexpression of wild type IL-7Rα promotes T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia/lymphoma.. BLOOD, . 10.1182/blood.2019000553

    Guerreiro, BM; Freitas, F; Lima, JC; Silva, JC; Reis, MAM. (2021). Photoprotective effect of the fucose-containing polysaccharide FucoPol. CARBOHYDRATE POLYMERS, 259. 10.1016/j.carbpol.2021.117761

  • Amaral, C; Trouille, FM; Almeida, CF; Correia-da-Silva, G; Teixeira, N. (2021). Unveiling the mechanism of action behind the anti-cancer properties of cannabinoids in ER+ breast cancer cells: Impact on aromatase and steroid receptors. JOURNAL OF STEROID BIOCHEMISTRY AND MOLECULAR BIOLOGY, 210. 10.1016/j.jsbmb.2021.105876

    Rebelo, A; Mourao, J; Freitas, AR; Duarte, B; Silveira, E; Sanchez-Valenzuela, A; Almeida, A; Baquero, F; Coque, TM; Peixe, L; Antunes, P; Novais, C. (2021). Diversity of metal and antibiotic resistance genes in Enterococcus spp. from the last century reflects multiple pollution and genetic exchange among phyla from overlapping ecosystems. SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT, 787. 10.1016/j.scitotenv.2021.147548

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