Recent Publications

  • Gabba, A; Bogucka, A; Luz, JG; Diniz, A; Coelho, H; Corzana, F; Canada, FJ; Marcelo, F; Murphy, PV; Birrane, G. (2021). Crystal Structure of the Carbohydrate Recognition Domain of the Human Macrophage Galactose C-Type Lectin Bound to GalNAc and the Tumor-Associated Tn Antigen. BIOCHEMISTRY, 60, 1327-1336. 10.1021/acs.biochem.1c00009

    Ferreira, MS; Magalhaes, MC; Oliveira, R; Sousa-Lobo, JM; Almeida, IF. (2021). Trends in the Use of Botanicals in Anti-Aging Cosmetics. MOLECULES, 26. 10.3390/molecules26123584

  • Alves, A; Costa, P; Pinto, M; Ferreira, D; Correia-da-Silva, M. (2021). Small Molecules of Marine Origin as Potential Anti-Glioma Agents. MOLECULES, 26. 10.3390/molecules26092707

    Melgosa, R; Marques, M; Paiva, A; Bernardo, A; Fernandez, N; Sa-Nogueira, I; Simoes, P. (2021). Subcritical Water Extraction and Hydrolysis of Cod (Gadus morhua) Frames to Produce Bioactive Protein Extracts. CEREAL FOODS WORLD, 10. 10.3390/foods10061222

  • Martins, FG; Melo, A; Sousa, SF. (2021). Identification of New Potential Inhibitors of Quorum Sensing through a Specialized Multi-Level Computational Approach. MOLECULES, 26. 10.3390/molecules26092600

    Almeida, JR; Serrano, E; Fernandez, M; Fradinho, JC; Oehmen, A; Reis, MAM. (2021). Polyhydroxyalkanoates production from fermented domestic wastewater using phototrophic mixed cultures. WATER RESEARCH, 197. 10.1016/j.watres.2021.117101

  • Madeira, C; Madeira, D; Ladd, N; Schubert, CJ; Diniz, MS; Vinagre, C; Leal, MC. (2021). Conserved fatty acid profiles and lipid metabolic pathways in a tropical reef fish exposed to ocean warming-An adaptation mechanism of tolerant species?. SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT, 782. 10.1016/j.scitotenv.2021.146738

    Coelho, MM; Fernandes, C; Remiao, F; Tiritan, ME. (2021). Enantioselectivity in Drug Pharmacokinetics and Toxicity: Pharmacological Relevance and Analytical Methods. MOLECULES, 26. 10.3390/molecules26113113

  • Rebelo, A; Mourao, J; Freitas, AR; Duarte, B; Silveira, E; Sanchez-Valenzuela, A; Almeida, A; Baquero, F; Coque, TM; Peixe, L; Antunes, P; Novais, C. (2021). Diversity of metal and antibiotic resistance genes in Enterococcus spp. from the last century reflects multiple pollution and genetic exchange among phyla from overlapping ecosystems. SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT, 787. 10.1016/j.scitotenv.2021.147548

    Garcia, KR; Rodrigues, L; Pereira, L; Busse, G; Irbe, M; Almada, M; Christensen, C; Midao, L; Dias, I; Heery, D; Hardy, R; Quarta, B; Poulain, MM; Bertram, M; Karnikowski, M; Costa, E. (2021). Improving the digital skills of older adults in a COVID-19 pandemic environment. EDUCATIONAL GERONTOLOGY, 47, 196-206. 10.1080/03601277.2021.1905216

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