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Alice Pereira and Pedro Tavares, co-lab leaders of the Molecular Biophysics Lab, and Daniela Penas, PhD student in the same lab, publish new paper in Angewandte Chemie.


The use of mixed iron isotopes and Mössbauer spectroscopy shows direct evidence for the capture, oxidation and incorporation of aqueous ferrous ions by a mini-ferritin in an anoxic, oxidant co-substrate free environment. Such behavior opens a possibility to further understand how ferritins can function in microaerophilic/anaerobic conditions and shows how anaerobic biomineralization can occur.


Pedro Tavares explains that “this works is relevant not only to the physiology of the anaerobic bacteria and possible implications on pathogens, but also to other scientific areas such as mineralogy, nanomaterials and green synthesis”.



Angewandte Chemie publication:

Direct evidence for ferrous ions oxidation and incorporation in absence of oxidants by Dps from Marinobacter hydrocarbonoclasticus.
Daniela Penas, Alice Santos Pereira and Pedro Tavares