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Bárbara Almeida, Jorge Santos and Pedro Cardoso, UCIBIO members from the Biochemical Engineering Lab, participated in the 1st edition of HiTECH2018 with the project Aqua in Silico. The HiTECH program, held at Nova School of Business and Economics, provided technology commercialization and entrepreneurship skills to the UCIBIO team. Aqua in Silico tech-based business idea was presented at the Closing Session of HiTECH2018, on July 3 at Porto Business School.



Aqua in Silico is a platform of advanced mathematical models that predicts and optimises the performance of wastewater treatment plants as function of operational conditions. The most relevant customer benefits are the process troubleshooting and operational time and cost savings. Aqua in Silico technology is able to save between to 10-25% of the total operational costs of Wastewater Treatment Plant.


The UCIBIO team involved in this project explains that “the technology is ready to enter into the market and the next steps are to register the patent, to advance with the commercialization of the software and to capture investment for international markets”.


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