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Catarina Chaparro awarded Liga Portuguesa Contra o Cancro / Pfizer Grant

Catarina Chaparro, MSc in Biotechnology, has been awarded a Liga Portuguesa Contra o Cancro / Pfizer Grant. The 12 thousands euros award will be used for the development of a research project on novel SPION (superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles) targeting aberrant glycosylation for breast cancer theranostic.


The “Development of a Theranostic System for breast cancer based on SPION’s" project will be developed by Catarina Chaparro, under the supervision of Paula Videira, leader of the Glycoimmunology lab at UCIBIO and professor at the Department of Life Sciences at FCT NOVA, and João Paulo Borges, professor at the Department of Materials Science at FCT NOVA. This research work results from a collaboration between Paula Videira, Carlos Novo, researcher at the Glycoimmunology Lab and IHMT-NOVA, and João Paulo Borges.


The Liga Portuguesa Contra o Cancro (LPCC) is aware of the importance of scientific research in the scope of cancer and the need for funding of young researchers. With the support of Pfizer, LPCC has launched a grant to fund scientific research to be developed by a young researcher with a well-defined research project in the area of breast cancer.