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Diana Madeira, postdoc at the BioTox lab at UCIBIO - FCT NOVA, was distinguished with the Medal of Honor L'Oreal Portugal for Women in Science.


The project aims to understand how the marine organisms respond to the climate change and pollution over the generations. Diana Madeira explains that her “aim is to study the molecular and cellular mechanisms that the marine organisms induce to respond to an environment in change and how these actions are related to parameters of survival and reproductive success in a wide time scale”.


The majority of the studies done in the impact of the global changes in marine organisms are focused on only one generation, limiting the prediction of what will happen in the long term. In addition, it is not well known the molecular mechanisms that determine the ability that organisms have to deal with the stress throughout generations. “So, we want to know the vulnerability of the marine species to the global changes in the long term (various generations), as well as to understand why they have this vulnerability, and thus we can improve and adapt the management of marine resources and maintain the sustainability of the oceans” concludes Diana Madeira.

Besides Diana Madeira, also Patrícia Reis from Faculdade de Medicina-ULisboa, Joana Cabral from Instituto de Investigação em Ciências da Vida e Saúde (ICVS) and Joana Caldeira from Instituto de Investigação e Inovação em Saúde (i3S/INEB) were awarded.

The L'Oréal Portugal Medals Women in Science is an initiative of L'Oréal Portugal and is developed in partnership with the UNESCO National Commission and the Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (FCT).