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The project IR Bactyping is one of the four winners of the 2019 edition of the Business Ignition Programme (BIP) Proof Program. The IR Bactyping project has been developed by researchers at the BacT_Drugs lab at Faculty of Pharmacy of University of Porto: Ana Freitas, Ângela Novais, Luísa Peixe (leader of the lab) and Teresa Ribeiro. Fundação Amadeu Dias, together with the University of Porto, attributes a monetary award, in the amount of 10,000 € to each awardee, aiming to support the proof of concept to validate research projects developed at the University of Porto.


IR Bactyping project “offers an easy, fast and cost-effective solution for real-time identification and differentiation of different strains of bacteria species”, explain the research team. The implementation of IR Bactyping in the routine of the hospitals will allow “to support the clinical microbiology services at the hospitals helping hospitals to save time and money for surveillance, infection control and patient care”.


Ana Freitas, Ângela Novais, Luísa Peixe and Teresa Ribeiro face this fund award as an important recognition and explain that “we now aim to do the implementation of our pilot studies in reference Iberian hospitals“, which will allow to evaluate the impact of the project on a hospital routine. The research team will also invest in consumables and services to validate and optimize the methodology, as well as in the commercial and credibility aspects of the technology, through the construction of a website.


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