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Leonor Morgado

On the 8th of March, to celebrate the International Women’s Day, the national agency Ciência Viva honoured scientist women whose contribution has been a key to the progress of national science and technology. Leonor Morgado is the UCIBIO researcher at NOVA School of Science and Technology (FCT NOVA), distinguished by Ciência Viva – Agência Nacional para a Cultura Científica e Tecnológica under the initiative “Women in Science”.


Leonor Morgado is currently a post-doctoral researcher at the Biochemistry and Bioenergetics of Heme Proteins Lab, led by Carlos Salgueiro. She is very motivated and focused on her research: “Understanding the function of biological systems is what drives my enthusiasm for science. Each small step, each discovery, brings together another piece of life’s puzzle and contributes to the advance of Science and this is really exciting.”. In Leonor’s opinion “scientific research is a 24/7 job because our mind is constantly thinking about results or which new experiments, we can do the next day. For me, the biggest challenge came with maternity. Maternity brings a whole new perspective of our time, and we have to really improve our management skills and be even more focused. Fortunately, more and more initiatives support female scientists in their scientific careers”. As a successful woman in science Leonor Morgado advises the young women to “follow your passion. Some days are hard, but others are great. In the end of the day, being passionate about what you do, makes everything easier.”


The initiative “Women in Science” aims to give visibility to Portuguese female scientists, in a recognition that also gave rise to the launch of a book with the same name. This book gathers the portraits of the researchers. There is also a digital version that is available in a permanent exhibition at the Pavilion of Knowledge.


About Leonor Morgado

Leonor Morgado graduated in Applied Chemistry - Biotechnology in 2006 at FCT NOVA and obtained her PhD in Biochemistry from Universidade NOVA de Lisboa in 2012, followed by post-doctoral work at the Biozentrum, University Basel, in Switzerland. She is currently a post-doctoral researcher at the Biochemistry and Bioenergetics of Heme Proteins Lab, led by Carlos Salgueiro. In 2012, Leonor Morgado was awarded a competitive L’Oréal Portugal Medal of Honor for Women in Science, and in 2013 an Honorable Mention for the António Xavier Prize for the best PhD thesis in the field of Magnetic Resonance.


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