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The Joint Programming Initiative on Antimicrobial Resistance (JPIAMR) has appointed Luísa Peixe, head of the BacT-drugs Lab at UCIBIO in Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Porto, as a new member to the JPIAMR Scientific Advisory Board. The nine news members, recently selected, have diverse experience in the field of antimicrobial resistance, adding key knowledge and experiences to the whole Scientific Advisory Board.


The Scientific Advisory Board assists the Management Board and the JPIAMR initiative in all matters of scientific interest, including establishing the Strategic Research Agenda (SRA), and proposing scientific priorities based on societal needs and new scientific evidence. It supports also the activities to implement the SRA. 



JPIAMR is a global collaborative organisation and platform, engaging 27 nations to curb antibiotic resistance (AMR) with a One Health approach. JPIAMR adds new countries as members continuously. To date JPIAMR has supported 62 projects, over 340 research groups, with funding of approximately 67 million Euro.

The JPIAMR coordinates national public funding to support transnational AMR research and activities within the six priority areas of the shared JPIAMR Strategic Research Agenda – therapeutics, diagnostics, surveillance,transmission, environment and interventions.


About Luísa Vieira Peixe

Luísa Vieira Peixe, PharmD, PhD, is Professor of Bacteriology at University of Porto, Portugal. She leads a research team, BacT-Drugs Laboratory at UCIBIO that have been actively contributing to the understanding of the ecology, evolution and dynamics of antimicrobial resistance through different niches. Member of several Portuguese and international scientific committees (e.g. Biohazard Panel of the European Food Safety Authority) and associations and regularly acting as a referee of different journals and evaluator of national and international research funded programs in the field of microbiology and antimicrobial resistance.