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Maria João ramos

Maria João Ramos, leader of the Computational Biochemistry Lab at UCIBIO in University of Porto, has been awarded the 2019 Madinaveitia-Lourenço Prize by the Royal Spanish Society of Chemistry, as a recognition for her extraordinary research work in Chemistry.


The Madinaveitia-Lourenço Prize is a portuguese-spanish prize created by the Royal Spanish Society of Chemistry and the Portuguese Society of Chemistry in memory to two notable chemists: Antonio San Quintín Madinaveitia y Tabuyo (1890-1974) and Agostinho Vicente Lourenço (1822-1893). It is awarded every year, alternately to Portuguese and Spanish chemists. This year, the awardee was selected by Royal Spanish Society of Chemistry. The main aim of this prize is to highlight scientific research work with international impact, developed in Portugal and Spain in the field of Chemistry.