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Alice Pereira and Pedro Tavares, co-lab leaders of the Molecular Biophysics Lab at UCIBIO – FCT NOVA, together with Paulo Limão-Viera, are editors of the most recent book from Springer-Nature: Radiation in Bioanalysis - Spectroscopic Techniques and Theoretical Methods.


The publication aims at attracting a broad scope of readers in their different fields of expertise, and results from the research work that has been developed in the scope of the Radi­ati­on Bi­ology & Biophysics Doctoral Programme (RaBBIT).


This book presents a unique overview of the spectroscopic tools used in the analysis of small to large biomolecules, as well as it reviews the latest advances, such as electronic valence and inner shell as well as nuclear spectroscopies. It also combines experimental results with state-of-the-art modelling techniques and exploits complementary methodologies furthering the uses and data interpretation of spectroscopic tools.


Besides Alice Pereira and Pedro Tavares, this book also includes a chapter by Carlos Salgueiro, leader of the Biochemistry and Bioenergetics of Heme Proteins Lab at UCIBIO – FCT NOVA.