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Aqua in Silico, startup launched by researchers from the Biochemical Engineering Lab (led by Maria Reis) at UCIBIO - FCT NOVA, has been awarded “The Best of Technological Portugal” Award, in the “Software” category.


The startup used advanced mathematical models to optimise the biological processes in Wastewater Treatment Plants. The most relevant customer benefits are the process troubleshooting and operational time and cost savings. Aqua in Silico technology is able to save between to 10-25% of the total operational costs of Wastewater Treatment Plant.


Jorge Santos, PhD student at the Biochemical Engineering Lab and co-founder of Aqua in Silico, explains that “our project has been highlighted in various international conferences and selected as one of the most innovative projects in the area of area of ​​modeling of biological processes in Wastewater Treatment Plants, so this award represents a national recognition of our project”.


For more than a decade, the Portuguese magazine Exame Informática distinguishes high quality research and ideas with great impact on the environment and sustainability with “The Best of Technological Portugal" Awards. The ceremony took place in Institute Superior Técnico on the 9th of May 2019.




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