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UCIBIO was present at Ciência 2019, the Science and technology Summit in Portugal, that took place in the Lisbon Congress Centre in Lisbon on July 8-10, 2019.

UCIBIO presented two oral communications, two demonstrations and various posters by PhD students:



Oral Communications:


Pedro M Costa (8th July), on the session "Proteger a Vida Marinha"

Blue Economy: How can novel bioproducts push Marine Biotechnology into the path of sustainable growth?

Elísio Costa (8th July), on the session "INCoDe.2030 EIXO 1 - Inclusão digital: evidências, valor e impacto"

Capacitação da população sénior para um mundo digital - Projeto ICTSkills4All


- Luísa Vieira Peixe (10th July), on the session "Saúde de Qualidade"

Improving bacterial typing, a strategy to contain antibiotic resistance





Biochemical Engineering Lab

Biobased products from agroindustrial wastes


- Biomolecular Engineering Lab

Smart materials for detection of volatile compounds



pm costa
Pedro Costa, leader of the SeaTox Lab


Luísa Peixe, leader of the BacT_Drugs Lab


UCIBIO demonstrations


Biochemical Engineering Lab


Biomolecular Engineering Lab


Biomolecular Engineering Lab


eurico e pedo

Pedro Viana Baptista e Eurico Cabrita, members of the UCIBIO executive committee