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On 27th November, researchers across Europe will get closer to the general public, this year in an online format.

UCIBIO will be in the online European Researchers Night with various activities developed by UCIBIO researchers:


1. Live interaction with Cecília Roque, head of the Biomolecular Engineering Laboratory: (available in portuguese only)

17h30 | Medicamentos Biológicos mais Sustentáveis
Partículas virais e anticorpos? Venham aprender como são produzidos estes medicamentos biológicos! - only available at 17h30


2. Live activity (17h00): Sugars RARELY do you harm?! (Glycoimmunology Lab & Associação Portuguesa CDG e outras Doenças Metabólicas Raras (APCDG))
Sugars are very abundant in nature. They can be more or less complex and have many different functions. Recently, their negative role in health has become more visible, but… will it remain that way?The activity takes place on the ZOOM platform at 17h00 here


Other online activities:





3. The secret life of proteins and other molecules they like (XTAL - Macromolecular Crystallography Lab)
Would you like to know... what is a protein? what are biofilms? what is the human microbiome? And have you ever heard about Cellulosomes? Proteins are out there and we’re going to observe them using X-rays!


4. The SCENT of science (Biomolecular Engineering Laboratory)
Get inspired by a top-notch project developed by a multidisciplinary team on the development of novel biosensors, using biomaterials as sensors that can detect specific smells.


5. From wastes to bioplastics (Biochemical Engineering Lab)
Demonstration: Did you know that bacteria can convert our waste into biodegradable plastics?



To know more information about the European Researchers Night programme: here (in Portuguese only)