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There are 22 researchers from the NOVA School of Science and Technology among the top 2% of the world’s most highly-cited scientists, according to a new study by researchers from Stanford University, which ranks career-long scientific impact of researchers from around the globe.


The list is the result of a study coordinated by John Ioannidis, a professor at Stanford University, and includes 384 Portuguese researchers, of which 30 are from the Universidade NOVA de Lisboa.


The work, now released, is based on more accurate standardized citation metrics, with the purpose of combating abuse of self-citation. The number of citations allows the assessment of the impact and consolidated influence of a given scientist or institution in the progress of scientific knowledge.


The NOVA School of Science and Technology researchers listed are L. P.N. Rebelo (Chemistry), Elvira Fortunato (Materials Science), Luís M. Camarinha-Matos (Electrical and Computer Engineering), Rodrigo Martins (Materials Science), Maria João Romão (Chemistry), Fernando Pina (Chemistry), Manuel D Ortigueira (Electrical and Computer Engineering), José L. Capelo (Chemistry), Marcos Raydan (Mathematics), JP Sampaio (Life Sciences), Maria AM Reis (Chemistry), Fernando Cebola Lidon (Earth Sciences), Pedro Viana Baptista (Life Sciences), Ricardo Vigário (Physics), Rita A. Ribeiro (Electrical and Computer Engineering), João G. Crespo (Chemistry), José PB Mota (Chemistry), João C. Diniz da Costa (Chemistry), João Aires-de-Sousa (Chemistry), Luís Caires (Informatics), Luís Moniz Pereira (Informatics), Rodrigo Gonçalves (Civil Engineering).


The study, which appeared recently in the journal PLOS Biology, used a composite indicator based on six citation metrics to rank the scientists from a variety of disciplines and subdisciplines.



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