Tiago Carvalho Monteiro distinguished with “Estímulo à Investigação” award 2014 Tiago Monteiro has been distinguished with a young research award 2014, “Estímulo à Investigação”, by Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, with the project “Redox chemistry of nitrite in the brain”, under co-supervision of Gabriela Almeida, researcher at UCIBIO (Assistant Professor at Egas Moniz Cooperativa de Ensino Superior), and Rui Barbosa, researcher at Center for Neuroscience and Cell Biology (Assistant Professor at Faculty of Pharmacy / University of Coimbra).
Filipa Marcelo’s publication highlighted as a very Important Paper by Chemistry - A European Journal An important finding has been published today in Chemistry - A European Journal by Filipa Marcelo, from the Bio-NMR group at UCIBIO in Lisbon, led by Eurico Cabrita, professor at the Chemistry Department at FCT-UNL. The paper was recommended as a Very Important Paper by the Journal, according to the excellent evaluation of the referees.  
NOVA chemistry in international ranking NOVA university featured in QS World University Rankings
Course on Integrative Structural Biology at FCT-UNL The hands-on course “Integrative Structural Biology tools for the study of protein-ligand interactions” will be held on 6th to 12th of October 2014 on the campus of the Faculty of Sciences and Technology (New University of Lisbon).  Theory and practical lessons on four core methodologies will be taught by members of the Associate Laboratory REQUIMTE/UCIBIO and Interdisciplinary Center of Research in Animal Health (CIISA):