Kick-off meeting of COST action on Marine Biotechnology On 29 October 2019 the kick-off meeting of the COST Action CA18238 - "European transdisciplinary networking platform for marine biotechnology", took place in Brussels, Belgium. This Cost Action will run from 29 October 2019 until 28 October 2023. The consortium includes 80 researchers from 28 countries.
Joana Pinto awarded a best poster prize at COST Clinimark Training School Joana Pinto, postdoc researcher at the Toxicology lab at UCIBIO in Faculty of Pharmacy of UPorto, presented a short oral communication and a poster entitled “Urinary volatile profiling of urological cancers: a bottom-up metabolomics approach” in the COST Clinimark Training School - Appro
Recent advancements in the investigation of cancer metabolism through metabolomic approaches Paula Guedes de Pinho, Márcia Carvalho and Joana Pinto, all researchers at the Toxicology Lab 
Yeasts acquire genes from bacteria to rebuild vitamin B1 biosynthetic pathway A group of yeasts, that have lost part of the vitamin B1 biosynthetic pathway in the past, have managed to rebuild it by capturing multiple genes from bacteria through horizontal gene transfer (HGT).