UCIBIO in the news | Félix Carvalho highlights the importance of communication by researchers Félix Carvalho, UCIBIO Vice-Director and Full Professor at Faculdade de Farmácia from University of Porto, highlights the importance of “researchers to effectively communicate and explain their research work” with the society and political entities.  
Elísio Costa coordinates ICTskills4All project to improve digital skills of the senior population Elísio Costa, UCIBIO researcher from the Biochemistry Lab at Faculdade de Farmácia - UPorto, is the coordinator of the ICTskills4All project, a Strategic Partnership for adult education financed by the European Commission through ERASMUS Plus Programme.
UCIBIO researchers show the negative impact of cannabinoids in the reproductive health Bruno Fonseca and Marta Almada, researchers at the Biochemistry Lab at UCIBIO in Faculdade Farmácia - Universidade do Porto (FFUP), are studying the effects of synthetic cannabinoids, as well as phytocannabinoids from the plant Cannabis sativa, in the placenta cells and uterine cells.
UCIBIO Activity Report 2017 was just published online This report summarizes UCIBIO ́s research activities and outputs in 2017 and presents our new scientific organization. It reflects our continued high level performance and search for excellence.