UCIBIO at Encontro Ciência 2019 UCIBIO was present at Ciência 2019, the Science and technology Summit in Portugal, that took place in the Lisbon Congress Centre in Lisbon on July 8-10, 2019. UCIBIO presented two oral communications, two demonstrations and various posters by PhD students:     Oral Communications:   - Pedro M Costa (8th July), on the session "Proteger a Vida Marinha" Blue Economy: How can novel bioproducts push Marine Biotechnology into the path of sustainable growth?  
1st UCIBIO Workshop on Blue Biotechnology The 1st UCIBIO Workshop on Blue Biotechnology took place on the 17th of June at FCT NOVA.
New UCIBIO project will build Portuguese biotechnological database for marine animal venoms and toxins The Sea Tox research lab at UCIBIO in FCT-NOVA, led by Pedro M. Costa, is coordinating the MARVEN project to build the foundations for a permanent, dynamic and ever-evolving database of marine animal toxins from the Portuguese coast, being devised from the start as a direct tool to meet the needs of industrialists and other societal stakeholders.
Technology developed by UCIBIO researchers awarded with “The Best of Technological Portugal” Award Aqua in Silico, startup launched by researchers from the Biochemical Engineering Lab (led by Maria Reis) at UCIBIO - FCT NOVA, has been awarded “The Best of Technological Portugal” Award, in the “Software” category.