Two new major types of porphyrin-like pigments in aquatic invertebrates identified by UCIBIO researchers Carla Martins and Ana P. Rodrigo, Ph.D. students at the SeaTox Lab at UCIBIO - NOVA, are leading authors of a paper just published in Scientific Reports entitled “The complexity of porphyrin-like pigments in a marine annelid sheds new light on haem metabolism in aquatic invertebrates”.
1st NOVA Biophysica International Conference The NOVA Rectorate Building welcomed 100 participants to the first NOVA Biophysica International Conference, which took place between the 4th and 6th of September, 2019.
Ana Pina distinguished with a Research Fund Award from Royal Society of Chemistry Ana Pina, researcher at the Biomolecular Engineering Lab, is one of the recipients of the Research Fund Awards from Royal Society of Chemistry's Research Fund. This award will provide to Ana Pina an exciting opportunity to study functional collagen mimetic peptides.  
UCIBIO researchers at the final of HiTech 2019 Ângela Novais, Ana R. Freitas and Teresa G.