Pedro Tavares

Research Lab Leader

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Phone number
(+351) 212949659 (ext: 10974)
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Main publications

  • Folgosa, F; Camacho, I; Penas, D; Guilherme, M; Frois, J; Ribeiro, PA; Tavares, P; Pereira, AS. 2015. UV radiation effects on a DNA repair enzyme: conversion of a [4Fe-4S](2) cluster into a [2Fe-2S](2). RADIATION AND ENVIRONMENTAL BIOPHYSICS, 54, DOI: 10.1007/s00411-014-0569-y

Main research interests

  • biologic radiation effects; oxygen activation; iron metabolism; iron sulfur centers; carboxylate-bridged diiron centers; epr and mössbauer spectrocopy; fast kinetic techniques – stopped-flow and rapid-freeze quench


  • PhD in Biochemistry - Physical Biochemistry, UNL (1994)