Medicines and Healthcare Products


The main research objectives of MEDTECH are to develop new formulations for drug delivery. Two group members have a close relationship with pharmaceutical or cosmetic companies. Sousa Lobo is a consultant to Laboratórios Bial, working with the Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Development in the formulation of new Bial molecules - Eslicarbazepine acetate and Opicapone. He is one of the experts responsible for the elaboration of Quality Overall Summaries for EMA. Delfim Santos collaborates with cosmetic companies (Castelbel and Laverde) in development of dermo-therapeutic products.

MEDTECH has focused on developing bold strategies to improve bioavailability and efficacy of  drugs, mainly focusing on topic formulations for ophthalmic and dermic pathologies. Based on our experience in solid lipid nanoparticles for oral use, we started studying cutaneous and nasal administration, namely innovative nasal applications for treatment of neurodegenerative disorders. Also, we have been developing new ways to improve bioavailability of poor water-soluble drugs using  cyclodextrins derivatives.
Our studies on cosmetics focus on design and safety concerns, namely by using plant extracts in the preparation of surfactant-free formulations and evaluating the photostability of UV filters. We have been pioneers in the application of geomaterials in dermocosmetics (creams, gels, pastes and soaps), using beach sands from Porto Santo, pumice and peloids from volcanic regions from Azores.

In the 2013-2017 period MEDTECH has published 89 papers in international journals with 903 citations, as well as 10 books or book chapters; supervised 11 PhD theses and 20 MSc theses; participated in 11 funded national research projects (3 of which as PI), with an approximate total funding of 0.3 M€.

MEDTECH Research Labs
Recent publications
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