Science Communication

We are responsible for disseminating relevant discoveries and breakthroughs, prizes and achievements of UCIBIO research. We publish these, regularly, into the research unit website to reach a broad audience. Liaising with the media by sending press releases, resulting in several media appearances. We aim to establish the bridge between researchers and the society. To engage public with UCIBIO’s research, we support researchers to be involved in outreach activities in the local/regional community including school visits, open days, science fairs, workshops, public talks and events. We collaborate with the national agency for scientific culture, Ciência Viva, to participate in national science outreach activities, through which, researchers ensure that their research work is understood by non-specialists and contribute to a better understanding of science by the general public. We organize and support researchers to organize workshops and conference cycles. In 2016, we have launched, together with UCIBIO Researchers, the Workshop series on “Funding Applications & Career Development” - WORKS4U that aims to encourage and support researchers, from late PhD students to young post-docs and staff researchers, to build a solid and successful research career.



We aim at providing automation tools that facilitate and speed up management processes. We are developing a responsive web-based application for management of data relevant to the Research Units. Researchers will have easy (and secure) access to their personal, institutional and scientific productivity data. This platform will also provide managers with tools to extract statistics and key performance indicators.



We deliver a supportive service to strengthen the international impact of UCIBIO’s research by: identifying and disseminating national and international funding opportunities; actively liaising with funding agencies and sponsors to comply with grants and awards application requirements; supporting researchers in the preparation and submission of proposals to competitive calls, specially European and framed with the H2020 programme.



Teresa Sequeira Carlos, PhD - Coordinator
Science Communication & Science Management


Joana Ribeiro, PhD
Funding Pre-award


José Braga, PhD
IT Specialist